For Students at CBEC:


We have very good relationships with the bus companies who are responsible for bringing students to College. Please remember that student behaviour on the bus affects the way the people in the community think of the College. We reserve the right to recommend the removal of bus passes from those students who misbehave.

Students should wait 20 minutes at least if their bus is late, before returning home.  If students miss a bus to go home, they should report to the Main Office at once.

Rutland School Transport telephone number: 01572 720939


The COST of the Stamford bus for 2010/11 is £1.20 for a single journey. Students may purchase a daily return ticket for £2.00, or a weekly ticket for £8.00 (paid on Mondays).  The bus company has the right to change the prices.

For Passenger Code of Conduct click here

For Students at RCC*:

We do not want you to travel two hours a day to access high quality post-16 education. These hours add up to a great deal of wasted time and a huge unnecessary expense which could, for instance, help you save for your university fees in years in the future. We are 20 minutes from Stamford and 15 from Melton or Uppingham and we offer a £100 annual subsidy to all students who use buses to travel to us wherever they come from. For those whom Rutland County College is the nearest post-16 provider Rutland County Council provide additional financial support.