How to show multiple positions with the same company on your resume

Нey there. I’m Kerri Twigg answering lots of resume questions. Today’s question comes from Lori. Lori has been working for a company for 15 years and within those 15 years, you won’t believe it, she’s had 10 different positions. She’s wondering how the heck she’s gonna show that on her resume.

So if I was working with Lori I would give her 2 tips. And it really, it depends on, if the last two positions are awesome, where if she had a lot of accomplishments or not. So if the last, you know, couple of positions that you’ve had at that company are really awesome. I would have you know, like your name, your profile, and then I would put like ABC company 2002 to present. Then I would put like whatever your most recent position was.

So, assistant manager. And then you know, three to five accomplishments related to that position. And then, yeah for sure, have the dates there. Then I would show the previous position and then whatever title it was, whatever dates and then three to five accomplishments.

And do that for, you know, three or four of the positions. After that just got put like previous work experience and then put the title and then just the dates. So that works if you, if, yeah, the last couple roles you’ve had you did things that you accomplishment that that are on target for the new, for the new job, that you’re looking for. An alternate to that if you if you’re feeling like those job titles and those dates is just like way too much information is that then you can put like ABC company 2002 to present. Then just list all the positions, right, so it can be like manager, assistant manager, database entry, like whatever they are and just put slashes or put sticks in between them.

Kind of like the way that we do LinkedIn headlines, so put them all like that and then put select accomplishments and then just put in information about the last role you did. This option would be kind of the less desirable because it doesn’t give the recruiter a really… or the person reading in a good idea about the length of time in all those positions, or how it happened. But if it’s a mess and there’s not really any like rhyme or reason to the progression of the positions that you’ve had, then that would be a really nice way to to show it. You know that would be very similar to someone who had maybe 10 or 15 positions outside of a company, then they might say you know “Various accounting roles 2002 to 2015” and then they would list, you know, the different companies they had worked for and then select accomplishments.

It’s a way to kind of make it less obvious so that you’ve, that you’ve, done a lot of moving around. Alright, I hope that that was helpful for you I’ll be back tomorrow for video number 7 after 30 days of resume. Thank you for watching. Keep asking questions I love answering them. Thank you