Each term students in Key Stage 3 are set a Study Extra Assignment by the teacher in each of their subjects.  These are more substantial than the previous once a week homework and allow students time to investigate topics in more depth in order to deepen their understanding as well as allowing students to improve on work based skills such as presentation and time management.

 Students can see their assignments by logging on to Fronter, our Managed Learning Environment (MLE) we can be accessed by clicking on the fronter image on the right hand side of the website.   

 We also have a Study Extra Club that runs twice a week in after school sessions where students have full IT access and support from teaching staff. For those students that find time management difficult or are not so willing to complete work to a good standard the Study Extra Club becomes compulsory for a number of sessions.

 Our aim is to enable our students to take responsibility for their work from Year 7 so when they eventually leave CBEC/RCC* they have developed a good work ethic.