Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers : Writing a Resume for a Teaching Position

Today we’re going to talk about how to write a resume for a teaching position. And the teaching field is a very competitive and highly professional world, and what you need to do in order to get a position is to really make that resume something strong that sort of exhibits all your good qualities as a teacher. So what you want to do first is of course list your education, you know after you’ve listed your name and address and all the pertinent information so that they can contact you, you should list your education from most recent to furthest in the past.

You don’t have to list your high school education, you should probably just list your big degrees that you have. After the education you should list the honors that you’ve received for that education, have you graduated with honors? Have you done theses that have been presented or published?

Next you should list any teaching experience that you actually already have. This can be anything, this can be non-professional teaching experience just as long as it’s something that you have done that is relevant to your position as a teacher. As you list this, if you’re making a full curriculum vitae that will be longer than an actual resume, you should list at least a little bit of a blurb on the classes that you’ve taught, and sort of more specifics about what you’ve tackled in those classes. And also, how many students did you teach and what age were the students and how long did you teach the class? Those are also good things to list in your teaching experience block. Next list any other relevant job or professional experience that you have relating to the field in which you want to teach.

So for example if you are applying for a job as an English teacher, but you have a second degree in another field, you should probably list all your English expertise first. And then your other field second, so that they’ll know that you have lots of experience in both of your degrees, or all three of your degrees if you have a PhD. Next, you should list any relevant research or publications that you have had published, especially, and if this is one of your strong points, publication, you might ought to list publications right after teaching because that is also something that’s really, really impressive to people. Next for writing a teaching resume for a teaching position, you’re going to want to know exactly what school you’re applying to, and what they need and what they look for in a professor. And so whenever you write your cover letter, make sure you know who you’re writing to, know completely about the job that you’re applying for, and finally wrap it up with a thank you and an invitation to give you a call. Good luck.