Continuing Education for Teachers: Learners Edge – About Us

Anyone want to get us going with something for our t-chart here? I feel like with teaching I get as much as I give. You are incredible. I give the excitement to a lesson. I get that same excitement back. It’s super exciting to come back with new material.

And I get to stay relevant and meaningful with my students and learn new things along the way. Awesome job you guys. I think this is incredible. My name is Sarah Pelinka.

I teach sixth grade English language arts. Because kids are different, our teaching styles have to be different as well. And in order to do that, we seek out professional development or courses that would help us with those teaching styles that match the learning styles of the kids that are coming to us. I just wanted some courses that were flexible and that would meet my needs. And I could find content that was interesting to me that I can bring back the very next day to try with my kids. And that’s what I found with Learners Edge.

Starting Learners Edge really was born out of my passion for teaching. That’s an awesome responsibility. There’s a lot of energy and work that goes into that, but there’s a lot of joy and reward I think that comes out of it as well. When we think about that, the one thing that the teachers need is they need assistance in helping to meet the needs of the students that come through their doors every single day. And that happens through good quality professional development. This company was founded by teachers.

It’s teachers that are the lifeblood of the courses that we write. Every single person here that is involved in the curriculum process has taught. At a gut level, that’s why our courses have had that impact. I think this will be a really good reference for teachers. We look to create courses based on hot topics.

What’s out there? What books are selling right now? Things like STEM.

Anything within the special education world, autism, ADHD, pieces and strategies that we can offer for teachers. All of our university and college partners are regionally accredited. Each of our partners then also will transcript each of our courses for that teacher providing a letter grade. So when we’re evaluating our courses, they’re assigned that letter grade of an A or B. And that letter grade will show up on the transcript. It’s a self paced process in that they are able to complete their learning at their own pace.

So we offer what we call a print based model. The other version that we use is the online. Teachers are busy. They want to be able to come to us and get all of the pieces that they need.

And then as they apply the learning from the courses and the workshops back into their classrooms, the idea then obviously is that the students are going to be learning as well. So instruction improves within the classroom. Student learning increases. That’s the goal. Really, wow.

That’s just pretty awesome. When I bring the things that I’m learning from my online classes back into my own classroom with my students, you can see the engagement right on their faces. I’m using different strategies that naturally just excites the students.

They’re kind of what’s next. And what are we going to try today? When they know that we’re caring enough to bring back material that reaches them as learners, I think that’s highly motivating for them as well. That kind of an impact is really what makes, to us, great professional development that is impactful and engaging, and truly what I think sets Learners Edge apart. I want to keep my teaching engaging.

I want my students to have hands on innovative strategies and meaningful lessons that they can personalize to their lives. They can see the relevancy in life and school.