Education Resource Specialist | How I got my job…

My path, I completed four years of a bachelor’s degree and then two years of graduate school. So collectively, it’s six years of schooling. To go the special education route, you don’t necessarily have to go to graduate school but that’s just something, that was a goal that I wanted to obtain. And you can […]

The Syrian Civil war

“Imagine a conflict that killed off everyone in Atlanta, wounded every single9 person in San Francisco and Dallas and led everyone in Chicago and Houston to leave the country in search of safety.” While this scenario is thankfully imaginary, the numbers, according to an article by, are very real for the small middle-eastern nation […]

How Online Services are Revolutionizing Education!

Nowadays there are a lot of websites and online platforms that have completely changed the way we perceive education. The entire perspective around college education has changed and turned 360 degrees, mainly because of the two following aspects: Technology and Internet– With advancements in technology, a lot of work can be done From checking papers […]