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An Audience with… Gizz Butt

Gizz and Rob Persani

Gizz Butt launches Music Practitioner Programme

A new generation of ‘prodigies’ were introduced to the world of popular music through An Audience with…Gizz Butt on Monday evening at Rutland County College. Gizz, the legendary guitarist with the band ‘The Prodigy’, came to the college to talk about his life and career as a musician. Youngsters from all over the county hung on his every word as he recounted playing in front of 250,000 people in Red Square, and told of how his success had been a combination of lucky breaks and sheer hard work. His talk was a blend of raising aspiration and reality check, encouraging students to aim for their dreams, but also to develop their skills along the way.

“His approach was down to earth, and was full of encouragement” said Dave Bower, tutor on the Music Practitioner programme which is due to start in September.  The course is especially suited to musicians who wish to develop their performing skills in popular genres of music.  Anyone interested should contact Dave Bower at Rutland County College on 01572 722863 for further information.