The policy of the Governing Body is that students should wear the College uniform.  At Casterton we are proud of the very smart appearance of our students and deeply grateful for the whole-hearted support we are given in this respect by parents.   Uniform can be purchased via parent pay school shop. Please click here to access this

Our uniform policy from September 2013 can be found here.

Beyond particular uniform regulations it is also the policy of the College that ‘the general appearance of each student will reflect credit on the College and conform to the needs of health and safety’.  This applies in addition to any other specific rules already laid down. Students are therefore expected to look neat and tidy when wearing their College uniform.  Extremes of fashion and appearance are not considered suitable for College and are unacceptable. The College reserves the right to judge what in their opinion is unacceptable.


Untidy hair styles or extremes of hair fashion are not acceptable.  By extremes we mean those styles which could create an unfavourable impression of the student and so, by implication, of the College on people outside the College e.g. future employers, visitors to the College and the general public.

The College reserves the right to judge what is, in its opinion, appropriate uniform and hairstyles.

Rutland County College

Being in the sixth form means being treated like an adult and therefore we do not have a uniform. Students may wear anything that is appropriate to a working environment. We do not allow hoods or caps or offensive/suggestive slogans on t-shirts or other clothing.